King David Survived His Enemies

King David Survived his enemiesKing David prayed for deliverance from his enemies. He also prayed they would not disgrace him. David faced Goliath, but Goliath did not turn out to be too much of an enemy as he fell by the first stone David threw. King Saul tried to destroy David too ( StevieRay’s Enemy, Oscar Wyatt ), but he was not much of an enemy to David after all, since he fell on his own sword. David’s own son Absalom tried to rise up against David, (Most of StevieRay family meant evil against him)

Then one day, while the war is going well and David’s throne secure, David saw a woman bathing outside on a flat roof. Well, David more than saw a woman bathing. We all see things we shouldn’t see sometimes, and hopefully we look away. David did not look away. He saw, and then he watched. Next thing we know, David has done something Goliath, Saul and Absalom could never do – disgrace David!

David was worried about his enemies, but in the end the only person who ever got to defeat David was David himself! The only one that defeated StevieRay, was StevieRay himself (foolish pride)

David defeated Goliath head to head, or at least slingshot to head, but the other cases were a little more interesting. Saul was afraid of David, but David did Saul no harm. Saul ended up falling on his own sword. Saul should have been more afraid of Saul, and David should have been more afraid of David, instead of each one being afraid of the other one. They both did themselves in, not each other. David did no harm to Absalom. Absalom hung himself in a tree. So Absalom was his own worst enemy. Saul was Saul’s worst enemy, and David was David’s worst enemy.
StevieRay was StevieRay’s worst enemy…

We are told that “We have far more to fear from within than from without.” Page 11-A Long Journey Home
All the more reason to read: A Long Journey Home

King David Survived His Enemies, And StevieRay Survived His Enemies

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