A New Ending

My cell phone vibrated against the boardroom table for the tenth time in an hour. I apologized and excused myself from the room. I was out of state in a business meeting while one of my employees was back home handling a $20 million deal. He was scared out of his mind that he would mess up.The last thing I wanted was to find myself upside down on a deal that large. However, I’d prayed it through and had clear direction from the Lord. He gave me the greenlight for the project but specified that he was the one to handle it.“You can do this,” I assured him. “Just remember that I’m praying for you.”

My employees called me The Shepherd because I spent so much time in prayer.I liked this new title. It felt good to guide, like a shepherd.Owning any business, especially an oil company, meant being bombarded with opportunities to get into fear. I refused to do it. I knew that fear was a tool of the devil and any decision I made prompted by fear would be wrong. My goal was to operate in complete faith. Once I was convinced that God wanted me to do something, I was fearless.

My Chief Financial Officer (CFO) appeared puffed up and pompous as he marched into my office one day and put a spreadsheet on my desk. “We’re going broke!” he announced.I didn’t take the bait. “We have money in the bank,” I said in a voice so soft it was almost a whisper.“Sure, we do now! But if you’ll look at these projections, you’ll see that in six months we’ll be in trouble. Out of respect to your employees, you should call everyone together and tell them you’re going broke.”“I don’t think so.”“What do you intend to do?”“Wait on God and watch Him do a miracle.”

My CFO gathered up his spreadsheets and huffed out of my office. I refused to get into fear and neither would I micromanage him. I took the situation to God in prayer.Six months later, we had a balanced budget. We weren’t even close to going broke.I let my CFO go.On another occasion, I’d been in negotiations with Shell Oil and American Airlines in a $100 million deal to buy jet fuel. It looked sweet but when I crunched the numbers, it didn’t work. In addition, I didn’t have a green light from God. So I bowed out of the deal.People got crazy when millions of dollars were on the line. Afterwards, the trader called and threatened to kill me.“I’m killing you!” he screamed. The sound of gunfire blasted through the telephone. I wasn’t afraid. In fact, I found him entertaining.“I know where you live!” he shouted. “I’m coming for you!”“Let me make sure you have the right address,” I said reeling it off without an ounce of fear.

StevieRay Hansen


Evil men don’t understand the importance of justice, but those who follow the Lord are much concerned about it. ~ Proverbs 28:5

Jesus come quick, there is nothing left in society that’s sacred….

It is impossible to find anyone in the Bible who was a power for God who did not have enemies and was not hated.

Evil Exists So Spiritual Warfare Becomes Necessary!

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